About the Thunderbird Route Servers

Telehouse America offers LAIIX Members the opportunity to peer via our New LAIIX Thunderbird Route Servers.

1. Benefits of Using the Thunderbird Route Servers:
  • Support Export Filter based on BGP community attributes.
  • A large percentage of Members peer using the Thunderbird. Once you connect to the Thunderbird you can start to exchange traffic immediately.
  • Setting up a peering takes time and effort. If you use the Thunderbird, only one peering session with an the Thunderbird is required.
  • You will receive all routes announced by the members who peer with the Thunderbird. When a new party connects to the Thunderbird , you can automatically exchange new prefixes.
2. Joining or Leaving the Thunderbird Route Servers

Joining the Thunderbird Route Servers is not mandatory for LAIIX Members. It is strictly optional and there is no binding term to use them.

3. How does Thunderbird Route Servers work? (In a Nutshell)

Peer with the Thunderbird route Servers.

Announce routes you would like to announce to the Thunderbird Route Servers members.

You will receive the routes from the Thunderbird Route Servers members via the Thunderbird Route Server. Optionally you can generate your own inbound filter.

4. How can I Join the Thunderbird Route Server Service?


In order to use the Thunderbird Route Servers, you must meet the following prerequisites.

  • Either AS-SET or Aut-num must be registered with an IRRdb.
  • Either Route objects or Route6 objects must be registered with an IRRdb.

We need to know the following information from you.

  • ASN
  • IP Address at IIX: IPv4 or IPv6 or both
  • AS-SET name in Internet Routing Registry (the “IRR”) and the IRRdb in which it is registered. ex: RIPE RADB, ARIN etc..
  • TCP MD5 Signature: yes or no. If yes, need a password from you.
  • GTSM: yes or no

Please contact our IIX Engineering team to join the Thunderbird Route Servers @

5. Communities Supported

Community Description
1. 0:peer-as Do not advertise the route to Peer-AS.
2. 13538:peer-as Advertise the route to Peer-AS.
3. 0:13538 Do not advertise to any peer.
4. 13538:13538 Advertise to any peer.

6. How should I Configure My Router?

Configure a BGP session with both the Thunderbird Route Server and the secondary Thunderbird Route Server.

LAIIX Thunderbird Route Servers IP Addresses and ASN:

  • (primary/,)
  • (secondary/,)
  • 2001:504:A::a501:3538:1/64 (primary/,)
  • 2001:504:A::a501:3538:2/64(secondary/,)
  • ASN 13538

Be sure to configure your router with below command at global level to accept the routes from IIX Route Servers. no bgp enforce-first-as


Visit our NYIIX Website for more information on our NYIIX Peering Exchange





LAIIX is available at the following Los Angeles Metro Locations:

  • 1 Wilshire
  • 626 Wilshire