LAIIX is present at multiple colocation facilities Los Angeles.

LAIIX supports any type of connections: 10GigE LR 1310nm via SMF, 1000 BASE-SX

via MMF, 1000 BASE-LX via SMF


LAIIX IP Numbering Scheme for IPv4 peering, and 2001:0504a::a50x:xxxx:x /64 for IPv6 peering

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DNS Mirror

TELEHOUSE America and Internet Software Consortium ( agreed to jointly establish a DNS mirror in the NYIIX and the LAIIX.
Members can directly send/receive queries to/from the root servers by peering with them. This capability allows us to provide members and their customers with increased performance and robustness of DNS service.

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LAIIX is available at the following Los Angeles Locations:

  • 1 Wilshire
  • 626 Wilshire